Re: ISS APRS tips?

John St. John

Thank you Rob! 
I have had a few successful digipeats off of the ISS now. I think you are right that things were too busy when I tried the first few times. Everyone was excited about the radio being fixed :) 

On Apr 28, 2021, 10:25 AM -0700, Rob VE3RXH via <rjhaddow@...>, wrote:

I am relatively new to this but have had success with a path of:  ARISS, WIDE2-1.  I think you just need to keep trying.  I have read that there are a shortage of SGATEs and so it all depends on:

a) did your packet get received by the ISS and digipeated? and
b) did the rebroadcast from the ISS get received by an SGATE and passed to the APRS internet system?

To have success with both of those factors you need to keep trying!

I think that a path of "ARISS" is changed to "NA1SS*" by the ISS, you don't put that in your path, put "ARISS".

From your packet list in the second post above:

00:10:04:33 : K0KOC-7]3Y2S1Y,NA1SS*,qAO,WB2QGZ-10:'i4wl #/]=

I decode that as being at "00:10:04:33" hours, a packet of data from callsign "K0KOC-7" was received by the ISS and digipeated by "NA1SS*", that was then received by SGATE callsign "WB2QGZ-10" and passed to the APRS internet system.

I use a Kenwood TM-D700 and a Comet GP3 ground plane antenna with 25W.  Maybe less than 50% of my packets get to an SGATE per pass of the ISS.  I'm in eastern Ontario, Canada so unless the ISS is going south towards greater population (ie more SGATEs) then my success rate is low.

Hope that helps.


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