Re: Hams and the Weather


Hi Clint
I’m glad AcuRite is working for you. My XYL bought one for me also. They are not nearly as expensive as a Davis brand.
I could not get it to connect to the remote sensor and some other issues with the App.

Maybe others have had success with that brand as you too. But for me if I wish to pursue a fully functioning Weather Station it would be a Davis Vantage Pro II. Too bad they are so expensive, compared to looking out the window which costs nothing.


On Mar 13, 2021, at 7:45 24PM, Clint Bradford via <clintbradford@...> wrote:

This was weird.

I recently purchased the AcuRite 5-in-1 Remote Weather Station at Lowe's - because it was wireless and 
it seemed to be one of the less-expensive setups that connected to and showed your data on 

Well, I didn't research that purchasing decision too well. 

After a couple days of showing up on WUnderground, it stopped reporting data. I talked to 
WeatherUnderground: "Oh, didn't you hear? We changed our algorithms and API data, and 
your system isn't gonna work." Bummer.

But then i called and talked to AcuRite. "What is your URL to your weather station, Clint?" the 
very polite rep asked. I gave it to her. "Thank you for calling. We'll get back to you."

In less than two hours, they updated my Weather Station's firmware and got me up and running 
again. All this while I wasn't even home - and in San Diego for the day.

Lesson One: I made the mistake of not researching that purchase. 

Lesson Two: Picked a great company to cure MY problem!


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