Re: Which SMA/BNC connectors do people use now for Kenwood TH-D72?

Max White

Just use a long length RG-058 patch lead SMA to the BNC to take any strain off the D-72, and not directly into the Arrow. 

73 Max/M0VNG

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Subject: [Work-Sat] Which SMA/BNC connectors do people use now for Kenwood TH-D72?
Hi There,
I have a Kenwood TH-D72, and an Arrow II antenna. I’m trying my luck with the SMA-BNC connector that is sold along with the signal stick antenna, which looks like the diamond adapter minus the rubber sleeve on the outside of the bottom portion, and it’s $4 so not a huge risk if it doesn’t turn out to be wide enough. Assuming that doesn’t work out, what do people use nowadays? I saw an old post on this from 2010 that mentions "Stephen's Model # BGA-76 will fit your Kenwood TH-D72A radio perfectly”. But I’m not sure how/if you can still get those easily, or if people are using different ones now? 

The other question I have is around connectors that have a rotating hinge. When I bought my arrow antenna, and purchased their $7 BNC/SMA adapter alongside it. Their adapter is super narrow at the base, and seems to transfer a lot of the side-to-side strain from the cable to the SMA plug, which I don’t like. One feature that was nice about it though is that it has a rotating hinge so it’s easy to rotate the radio as I’m flailing around with the antenna looking for a signal (I’m pretty new at this :). I noticed that the rotating hinge was getting some pretty heavy use. To get at something similar I found a BNC Female to BNC Male adapter on amazon that has a rotating hinge in it, which I was planning on attaching to the arrow and leaving there, since it seems like the Gulyas and similar adapters do not have this rotating property.

Thanks for your tips!


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