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Max White

To answer my own question, the ARRL newsletter arrived! And in it I extract....:(

The RadFXSat-2 Fox 1-E satellite beacon on 435.750 MHz has not been heard, and AMSAT asks the worldwide amateur satellite community to listen for the BPSK telemetry. Visit AMSAT for more information. RadFXSat-2 was launched on January 17

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Having listened on a few passes for the "Virgin train", I've not picked up anything off 1E, and seemingly, no one else. What is the sked on turn on, or are we possibly looking as a silent piece of debris? 

73 Max M0VNG

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He specifically asked for FM satellites. Fox-1E is a linear transponder. It got "upgraded" from the original FM transponder:

If you meant AO-91 (Fox-1B) or AO-92 (Fox-1D) then yes, they are on every now and then but it's been about a month since the last time I heard them. AMSAT's live status page: shows that they have both been silent for the last six days. For everyone - if they are working, ONLY WORK THEM IN SUNSHINE like it says on my chart.

-David, N9KT
Support AMSAT! You wouldn't have satellites to play with if it wasn't for them!

On Thu, Jan 28, 2021 at 2:33 PM Clint Bradford via <> wrote:
You sure have more than enough gear to work 'em!

As you get set back up, please plug in the downlink for the nre Fox 1-E. It is not "completely" 
dead/DOA - some are hearing a little from it. ANY reception reports you have can help!


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