Launch Delay for EASAT-2 and Hades satellites

Clint Bradford

Hello everyone and Happy New Year,

Alba Orbital, the space broker that manages the launch of AMSAT-EA (AMSAT Spain) EASAT-2 and Hades satellites, has informed us of a delay in the scheduled one for January 14, 2021 with SpaceX.

This delay has nothing to do with our satellites, or with Alba Orbital itself. It is attributable to Momentus, which acts as an integrator with SpaceX.

The delay means the next try would probably go to March, coinciding with the Starlink mission and being located in an estimated orbit between 450 and 550 km with an inclination of 53 degrees.

As for the satellites themselves, this should not be a major setback. We do not expect a significant drain on the batteries.

We keep you all posted.

You have more information about our satellites on our website: (in Spanish) and about Alba Orbital cluster 3 at the link:

Felix EA4GQS 

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