Re: 3D printing as related to Ham radio.

Stefan Wagener

happy new year!

73, Stefan VE4SW

On Thu, Dec 31, 2020 at 3:06 PM Mike Hoblinski <hobergenix@...> wrote:
Here is one more website with a 3d Printed rotor and other parts that might be of some interest.
Antenna Rotor
Misc. Items

The rotor is a single axis rotor that that uses a small DC motor. You would need two rotors
and a way to couple them together for AZ-EL or maybe a rework of the housing. Easier said than
done !  But maybe with a Raspberry Pi running Gpredict and some of the software available you
could put together a portable Battery powered setup. I think the old Kenwood TH-F6A hand held has RS232 Control
as well as the FT-817. A very ambitious project for the experimenter.

The Misc. Items has an item that caught my eye. The Vhf antenna insulator. A mount for small tubing, The 
mount can can be fastened to square tubing you can buy from places like Home Depot or Lowes to build
Yagi antennas. I think they show several versions of the mount. Maybe with some rework of the antenna
insulator it could be made to go on round aluminum stock for a poor mans Arrow Antenna.


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