Re: What satellites are active now?

David Spoelstra

AO-27 for the first four minutes of the pass over the US.
ISS - not on all the time
LilacSat-2 - starting 1200 UTC M, W, F for 24 hours

See for current status of all birds.

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-David, N9KT

On Fri, Dec 11, 2020 at 6:14 PM Anon Anon <lecontejoe@...> wrote:
It's been about two years since I had time to work a satellite.  I had good luck with my handheld Arrow 144/432 Yagi and FT-60 working AO-50.  Life intervened and I have not touched the satellite gear for a long time.

What satellites are now active?  I now have a few minutes most every day and would like to try it again.

Thanks for the help.


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