M2 LEO pack circular polarized antennas versus vertically polarized antennas

Don Solberg

I just set up a satellite base station with a Cushcraft dual band antenna on the top of my tower, at 82 feet.  I live in a pine forest so this is the only way that I could get a view of the sky.  To compensate for UHF coax loss I am using an SSB mast mounted preamp. I installed a diplexer as a 2M desense filter but even with that I am experiencing desense on the 70 CM downlink so I can't hear my uplink transmission.

I am going to mount the antennas on a fiberglass cross boam and was wondering if there would be a significant improvement if I went with the M2 LEO pack circular polarization antennas or stayed with two vertically polarized antennas.

Does anyone have any experience with the M2 LEO pack?


Don K9AQ

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