Re: ISS digipeater



Hi Arup, I’m trying the same setup. No good results yet. I think we need some software similar to UISS (windows) for Android. More flexible “packet commands” than “automatic APRS commands”.

Post something if you have success !


Pablo, LW4DMH


De: <> En nombre de Arup
Enviado el: lunes, 12 de octubre de 2020 18:10
Asunto: [Work-Sat] ISS digipeater


I'm trying to use APRSdroid to digipeat off the ISS with a Baofeng HT, baofeng vox audio cable, droid, and Elk directional antenna. Has anyone had success? Specifically the digipath includes callsign>apdr16> coordinates. I can't find a way to replace "apdr16" with "cq" to reach the iss. Any tips or tricks that anyone can offer?


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