Re: Unusual ISS SSTV signal

Max White

If it is anything like the idiotic, mental cul de sac, G3 callsign/old duffer, who started talking to his mates on the ISS repeater downlink 'that it has now gone over and here are the times for tomorrow' - when it was still descending into the East from Zenith - nothing surprises me. Complete Moron!

73 Max/M0VNG

From: <> on behalf of Clint Bradford via <clintbradford@...>
Sent: 06 October 2020 16:51
To: <>
Subject: Re: [Work-Sat] Unusual ISS SSTV signal
I would rather be positive, and NOT think it was "malicious" in nature. But it does 
seem to be "local" to you.

And as with any "jammers," just don't acknowledge them nor try to contact them 
on the air ...


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