Clint Bradford

As you get more "comfortable" working the satellites, please enter your "heard"
reports - as well as your "not heard" reports - on the AMSAT OSCAR Live Status

Your input helps not only fellow hams know what is working or might not be ...
but also assists satellite control operators as they "peak and tweak" and change
satellites' modes for us.

It is a simple, five-point process. Go to the page at ...

... and (1) use the drop-down menu to select your satellite. Then (2) enter whether or
not you heard the satellite. Options are ...

-Uplink and Downlink Active
-Downlink Only
-Not Heard
-ISS Crew (Voice) Active

Then (3) make sure the time is correct (it auto-populates for the current 15-minute
period). And it is in UTC time.

Then (4) your callsign and (5) grid square.

THAT'S IT! Five easy pieces of information to enhance fellow hams' experiences on
the satellites, and also assisting in "fine-tuning" them!

Clint Bradford K6LCS

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