Thanks Clint. BTY, I have ISS Detector in my Apple iPod Touch. Works.
And regarding Down Freqs. I just heard it pass with several contacting it between  437.790 - .800 but it was not overhead but only 46º Alt.


On Sep 3, 2020, at 2:07 59PM, Clint Bradford via <clintbradford@...> wrote:

A few ISS-tracking programs and sites ...

For Apple iOS phones: GoSatWatch in the Apple Store. $9.95
VISIBLE PASSES - Call 1-844-N2YO-COM (1-844-629-6266) and 
enter your Zip Code! For VISIBLE passes.
VISIBLE PASSES via Text Messages - again! - 
Get notified when your chosen satellite breaks the horizon via 
text message - - requires you 
to register with N2YO … but painless.
For Android phones: ISS Detector in the Google Play Store.
For Mac home computers: MacDoppler Pro.
For Windows home computers: Orbitron (oldie but goodie).
Links at  - including the Registration 
Code for now-Shareware Orbitron!

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