Re: ISS Repeater Success

David Spoelstra

Well, I go out every night and make contacts. However, I can only get the birds about 25 degrees above the horizon since I've got trees and houses around me and I'm standing in my backyard. Five steps has always been more than enough. I've never lost contact. And thinking back, I've probably only used about three steps. That's why I'm now starting to experiment more. YMMV.
-David, N9KT

On Thu, Sep 3, 2020 at 4:34 PM Brad Smith via <> wrote:
David, you are correct about the powerful stations taking over the FM birds and stepping on anyone they choose. It is a sad commentary on ham radio etiquette. Because they can, they do.
Personally, I do not believe that 3 steps would be very effective for HT's. I think you would lose contact with the bird between steps. Maybe Clint might offer an opinion on this. I personally think that more steps (7) would make better contact with the bird, but that is not possible on radios that I use because of the minimum step available.

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