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David Spoelstra

I was in my backyard with an Arrow and HT surrounded by trees, so I wasn't able to acquire the ISS just above the horizon either. I need to experiment more too. For my table, I just did the calculations. Three steps might be better for most people with an Arrow or Elk. It will also take less hands!

I was also on PO-101 at 3am ET and not a sole was on it and I was loud and clear into it! Unfortunately, it wasn't a great pass. I'd really like to get a great pass with no one on it so I can tweak in the frequencies for most people with an Arrow and HT.
PO-101Tone 141.3RXTX
17AOS 60 degrees437.495
19LOS 60 degrees437.505

I'm thinking there should be two lists - one for the average person with an HT and Arrow/Elk that has three frequencies for each satellite, and other would be for a base station that can acquire the birds at a much lower elevation and it would have five frequencies. What do you think?

Also, there are supposed to be three new FM repeaters launched September 15, 2020 - CAS-5A, CAS-7A, and CAS-7C! We're going to have a ton of FM repeaters to play with!

Lastly, a tip for everyone on this mail list that is using a Arrow/Elk and HT. Your best bet is to work off hours. I find that I have a hard time competing with base stations during the day. I can do it, but I consider myself lucky. After about 11pm local time, I can get on a bird and make 4-6 contacts per pass. It's probably the same in the early morning, but I'm a night owl so someone else will have to try that!

-David, N9KT

On Thu, Sep 3, 2020 at 3:04 PM Clint Bradford via <> wrote:
Outstanding information!

I was "stuck" mobile ... and definitely agree with the Doppler accommodation 
on the 440 downlink. 

ACQUIRE ABOVE - Acquire the satellite/ISS' 440 signal ABOVE the transmitted 

I just published this, too, on my freq chart. I just went out one "step" -  

AOS - 437.805
ISS   - 437.800
LOS - 437.795

Need to experiment more ... For now - with HTs and not necessarily working 
at 5-10 degrees elevation - I think I'll stick with the three freqs. DEFINITELY, 
though, use your plan for satellite base stations!

Clint K6LCS

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