Re: Amateur Radio Satellite Gadgets

Amir K9CHP

Well, quite a few brands of compasses now have their product made in China and since that switch, I've seen quite a few compass failures, not just by sitting on them, but just poor manufacturing. Not all, mind you, but enough for me to start looking for where the darn SUUNTO, SILVA or BRUNTON were made. I think it is very difficult to evade the Chinese made compasses, but you need to be aware that they too may fail and now at a greater rate than before.

The flatter the compass is, the more sensitive it is to being perfectly horizontal, the ones with a round dial tend to be more forgiving that the one with a needle.

Finally, remember that there is a magnet in the speaker of the radio and/or the speaker mike.  Holding the compass at an arm's length is generally good enough. Play/test your compass, so that when you take a reading, you know what the what the weaknesses of the compass are.

On clear nights, learn how to find the North star, best compass there is, way better made than the Chinese one, batteries won't dies either! :-)




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