Re: PO-101 and SO-50 with an Elk and Baofeng UV-5X3


Hi Clint - 

I tried using a Nagoya whip about a week ago and was not able to hear even AO91 or AO92 (but this was during the working hours around 1500 UTC so the birds may have been quiet).

Over the weekend I splurged and bought an Elk LPDA. Even with the Elk I was not able to hear PO-101 today (which has a 2M downlink).

Since I'm not able to even hear the downlinks at times I have not yet attempted to talk over the birds. I contacted the person who gave a satellites talk at QSO Today virtual expo and he seemed to think my radio is partly to blame. I just wanted some more opinions to decide if I need to get a better radio.


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