PO-101 and SO-50 with an Elk and Baofeng UV-5X3


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YES - The 2M downlinks from AO-91/92 are MUCH stronger than a LEO's 440mHZ 
similar-TX-power downlinks.

And - depending upon time of day - you might just have been one of a very few 
Listening" for SO-50 ... In which case you need to transmit a 74.4 tone for a few 
seconds to turn its 10-minute timer ON. THEN others (who may not know that!) 
might be there for you.

What antenna(s) are you using? The 2M downlinks are able t be heard with 
stock ducks - although you really need some gain to properly work the 

Clint K6LCS

I was able to listen to either AO-91 or AO-92 on Monday with my set-up at about 20:00 or 20:30 UTC, though not very well. Today I tried to listen to both SO-50 and PO-101 at about 18:45 UTC and heard neither. On the AMSAT website SO-50 was heard at about 18:45 UTC from FM19. I'm in FN01 and was on top of a parking garage today with a clear view of the sky in all directions. 

Are my issues stemming from the cheap radio or was no one on the birds when I tried to listen? At first I reasoned that I could not hear SO-50 as the downlink is 70cm. When I couldn't hear PO-101 I started to scratch my head a bit. I've seen youtube videos where folks are successful with the baofengs, but I have yet to find success. Anyone have thoughts?


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