Re: Satellite Show in Georgia (US) 8/15/2020

Clint Bradford

>> ... K6LCS will be presenting his "Working Amateur Satellites With Your HT” session at the Saturday, August 15, 2020 meeting of the Team Radio GA in southeast Georgia. The session will begin at 9AM Georgia time ...
Uh, yes - that was 6AM California time ... (g)
We had a great time. Including THREE licensed students in attendance. A GREAT Q&A afterwards.
Answers for the club ...
-Icom ID-5100 - Yes
-After a successful operating period of 3 ½ years, AMSAT OSCAR-21 (RS-14), unfortunately and suddenly, fell silent on 12 October 1994. For financial reasons, the command operation of the main satellite "INFORMATOR-1", which had completed its primary mission, was completely discontinued. On 16 September the command station had already switched off all on-board systems, including active temperature and attitude control. Only the operational supply for AO-21/RS-14 remained switched on. In addition, the command system of the mother satellite was permanently deactivated. Without constant intervention of the INFORMATOR-1 ground station the mother satellite got out of control relatively fast, so that finally the power supply failed. AO-21 was never heard again since then.
- 12/10/2018 - The receiver on the newly launched Fox-1Cliff/AO-95 CubeSat seems to have suffered a receiver failure that could render the satellite unusable, AMSAT said over the weekend. Efforts continue by AMSAT Engineering to establish the cause of the problem and determine if a fix is possible. AMSAT Vice President-Engineering Jerry Buxton, N0JY, reported over the weekend that the issue cropped up during efforts to commission Fox-1Cliff/AO-95.
“After a few days of tests, analysis, and discussion, it appears that Fox-1Cliff/AO-95 will not be commissioned as our fourth Fox-1 Amateur Radio satellite,” Buxton said. Commissioning began on December 4, right after the CubeSat’s successful launch a day earlier.
- The first D-STAR satellite QSO occurred between Michael, N3UC, FM-18 in Haymarket, Virginia and Robin, AA4RC, EM-73 in Atlanta, Georgia while working AMSAT's AO-27 microsatellite (Miniaturized satellite) in 2007. The two experienced minor difficulty with doppler shift during the QSO.
- It was the SPROUT microsatellite in 2014 - a project of Nihon University - that included CW telemetry, an FM digipeater, digitalker and message box, and live and preloaded SSTV pictures.
-The Icom ID-52 promises simultaneous reception in V/V, U/U, V/U as well as DV/DV. But, alas, is NOT full-duplex.
THANK YOU to TR Georgia! More Zoom presentations coming on September 2, September 14, October 27 - and more!

Clint Bradford K6LCS

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