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Randal Rutkowski

It’s too bad it’s reduced to this level of squabble!  I am new and disappointed.

On Aug 7, 2020, at 8:18 PM, Clint Bradford via groups.io <clintbradford@...> wrote:

Back in 2018, a gang of five tried to sabotage my satellite presentation. To even sending
email messages to the upcoming clubs, "warning" them about me being a "fraud" ...

Didn't work back then. But they are back this week. I announce a Zoom meeting back East, 
and here they come...

As some soft of "evidence" that I am anti-AMSAT and a miserable human being, they offer these quotations from me recently.
  • "I am having difficulty finding just one project or effort by WE4B for which he has volunteered for AMSAT-NA."
Absolutely true. I though that volunteering for an organization that you are now running for an office with would require some
sort of volunteer effort for the organization. Something to be proud of on one's resume. This guy hasn't volunteered a minute
for AMSAT-NA, and he is running for a board position. That alone disqualifies him - in my mind - from any position with AMSAT-NA.
  • A false claim: "Patrick and Jeff created a Web site in 2018 using my Web site’s name - but added the plural of my work-sat.com - they used “Sats.”"
Not false, really. Semantics: There were three involved.
  • "Needless to say Stoddard and Johns will not be receiving my vote."
And stating one's opinion should be squelched?
  • "For the good of AMSAT, to ensure our enjoyment of future amateur satellites, and for the general good of amateur radio: Thompson and Stoddard need to resign. Now."
Same thing - personal opinion.
  • "Perhaps we should invite Stoddard to this QRZ.com message group and have him make a statement ..."
Sounds reasonable to me.
  • Stated mockingly: "Facts, truth, first-hand info derived from those that were there - it is great to see We4b and ‘EWK and you all come together in support of such methodology."
"Stated mockingly?"
  • "Being lied to, slandered, and defamed were NOT the actions of AMSAT-NA. It was individuals, using AMSAT letterhead."
Truth - the ultimate defense.
  • "My problem was never with AMSAT-NA. It was one of their volunteers - ‘EWK - who was accusing me of plagiarism, of otherwise being dishonest, and his additional libelous, published statements intended to damage my reputation."
That "truth" thing, again.
  • "All sorts of campaign statements from folks who don’t deserve votes in my IN BOX this evening …"
You will not squelch me.

And y'all thought being a well-respected presenter was fun and games ... (g)

Clint K6LCS
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