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Randy Schulze

While at a State Park in Missouri last spring, we had a heck of a time trying to figure out where North actually was.

One of the guys whipped out his touch phone with a compass application. It got us in the general ball park, but was in fact plus or minus ten degrees, as compared to the cracker jack quality compass one of the others guy pulled out of his glove box, which worked suprisingly well.

Thanks for the tip to add to the Gadgets Page! One of the sugestions we make in our presentation, is the Boy Scout's section of the sporting goods stores.

On 08/18/10, K6LCS <clintbrad4d@...> wrote:

I really enjoy your site - GREAT work!

Down at the bottom of the gadgets page, you mention regular old compasses. Don't forget
the "obvious" source for one: your local REI Coop or sporting goods store!

For folks, of course, who don't have an Android phone ... or iPhone ... or iPod touch ... or other smartphone that have compass utility programs (grin). But I still carry one with me to presentations ... I like the word, "azimuth."


Randy Schulze
Kansas City, Missouri

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