moderated Re: AMSAT Announces Candidates for 2020 Board of Directors Election

Brad Smith

BRAD KC9UQR >> In order to bring confidence back to the membership of AMSAT, after the accusations that have been made, these questions have to be asked and answered, in my humble opinion.
BRAD>> Was 18k spent to black (sic) Patrick and Michelle from winning the election to the board?

You gotta be kidding. AMSAT-NA is playing with the ballot box?

BRAD>> If so, why and who authorized it and came up with the idea?

Moot ...

>>Who voted for the expenditure?

If in a 501(c)(3)'s budget - say, for legal fees - then it was voted upon a year or so ago. 

Again - approved, budgeted items / categories do not necessarily have to be "approved by
a vote" every time they occur. UNLESS, of course, the expenditure exceeds what was 
approved in the budget. THAT'S a legitimate question - and you can look up old minutes 
to discover what the year's budget was.

>> How was the money spent?

Apparently AMSAT-NA believed they needed advice on matters. And they used approved, 
budgeted funds to do so. Completely above-board (poor pun).

>> What is in place to stop this from happening again?

Well, since nothing "wrong" or "illegal" seems to have occurred, another moot question.

>> This money is comprised of donations from members and dues. It is to be spent on amateur radio in space, and not dirty politics.

Really? How do you know that a single penny of membership dues was involved? And there is absolutely no 
proof of anyone involved is guilty of "dirty politics."

What is YOUR true beef with AMSAT-NA? Why not make a couple of phone calls and find out information first-hand?

Clint Bradford K6LCS

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