moderated Re: AMSAT Announces Candidates for 2020 Board of Directors Election

Max White

I am proudly also a member of AMSAT-UK. 

Well, you are partially correct: I established this message board (formerly for years in Yahoo Groups) to be a "support site" of sorts for my satellite presentations (more than 100 performed so far ... )

But discussing the present and future of AMSAT-NA - or AMSAT-UK for that matter - is, I believe, important.

If it gets too weird - well, we'll see.


Clint K6LCS


Is this really the forum for political manifestos etc on AMSAT? Those list members who are paid up, they will make their own decisions. Though having read through what those who were recently elected have to say, I feel people should look under the bonnet (hood in US parlance) at issues being raised, and not just slag people off because they do not know of them. "Read round the subject", as Geoffrey Perry of Kettering Group fame would often say.
73 from a wet and windy UK - Max M0VNG

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