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Randy Schulze


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On 08/12/10, K6LCS wrote:

- Make Model

The Stephen Gulyas BNC-to-SMA Adapters

- Pros

o Point 1 - TRUE protection of your HT's antenna connector

o Point 2 - Not "one size fits all" - several models for different HTs

o Point 3 - The Yaesu CN-3 should be banned (g).

- Cons

o Point 1 - Only available from Stephen - no big store carries them, yet.

o Point 2 - Cost - but compare with a $100 bill to repair you HT's broken antenna center pin connector, and the cost is nothing

- Site Address of where you obtained the gadget.

- A brief two or three sentence comment about the gadget.

Hard rubber displaces the stress placed on your HT when attaching larger antennas or cabling. These fine adapters "mate" to a much larger surface area on your HT than the "all-metal" CN3-like adapters. Click on the link above for a .pdf file with pictures, model numbers, and ordering instructions.

Randy Schulze
Kansas City, Missouri

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