Re: I have to be doing something wrong

Tim L

i just got a FULL DUPLEX HT last week but only had a chance to use it once. its been so cold and windy i don't  want to go out on the deck and play. i did go the day i got the radio and made one contact using the full duplex feature. the full duplex really helps. I have a Kenwood V71A that can run full duplex and i plan and giving that a try the soon as spring weather get here in NJ 

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I will try rotating, can’t hurt 

On Apr 21, 2020, at 5:40 PM, Robert Putala KE8UW <rcp@...> wrote:

Some satellites have transmit and receive at 90 degrees from each other.  When receiving a sat, try transmitting after rotating the antenna 90 degrees.  I’m a newbie to satellites also, but it seemed to work. 

Rob Putala

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Are you transmitting the required tone???

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