Re: What's the BEST HT? - General Inquiries

Clint Bradford

>> ... Kenwood TH-D72A best HT.

Only currently manufactured HT that does V/U and U/V true full-duplex well? Absolutely.

But the '72 adds a lot more modes - and is in a different class ... (MY rules ... (g))

Same number of memories. '72 has EIGHT character alphanumerics, vs. SIX on the '60.

Properly maintained, the battery pack for the '72 will last about ONE-THIRD the number of discharge-charge cycles as the '60's NiMH pack.

FT-60R has much greater receive range.

Only 2W TX power with optional BT-15 AA case on the '72. And you can NOT use NiMH 
in the BT - according to Kenwood manual - page 2.

The FT-60R is an amazing HT ...


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