Yaesu FT-60R versus FT-65R

Clint Bradford

I just talked to a fellow ham who was considering the Yaesu FT-65 HT. 
A radio labelled "65" must be better than a "60," right?
Not necessarily.
The FT-60R has 1,000 memories. The '65 - about 800 fewer.
The FT-60R receives - essentially - 108-to-a-gig. INCLUDING AM aircraft 
receiving. The '65 receives 136-174 and 400-480.
The included battery pack with the FT-60R - properly maintained - will 
provide about 1,000 discharge-charge cycles. The pack with the '65? 
About 300.
In reading the two manuals for the FT-65, they describe unusual splits 
within the same band - but not the capability to program 2M / 440 split 
in a single memory (like the FT-60R will) for working the voice FM satellites.
The FT-60R has the optional FBA-25 AA alkaline case. Populate it with AA 
alkalines or AA NiMH cells, and you have full TX power available (if really 
needed). No such accessory s available from Yaesu for the FT-65.
BUT - The FT-65 has an LED flashlight! It will blink out "S O S" for you, too! 
And the '65 receives the commercial FM broadcast band …
Clint Bradford K6LCS

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