Re: IC-9700 and the SATS

You can adjust both frequencies (uplink and downlik) with gpredict+Ubuntu?? At the same time

El mar., 7 de enero de 2020 18:55, David Spoelstra <davids@...> escribió:
We bought an IC-9700 for W9IVY and the club loves it! Works great with SatPC32 on Win10 and Gpredict on Ubuntu.

On Thu, Jan 2, 2020 at 3:57 PM Jer W <jplanner@...> wrote:
I wanted to ask everyone on the board that owns the  IC-9700 about how do you like it and is it great for the SATS and doppler effect?
I understand it also has D-Star, but that mode is rather dead in my area so I could care less about it.  I would have liked to purchase the
Kenwood 2000, but it is not in production anymore and I do not want to get a used one.
Your input is welcomed.


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