Re: IC-9700 and the SATS

Brad Smith

I use two antennas, both differently polarized, on the roof of my vehicle. The Comet CA-2x4SR NMO is vertically polarized and has properties that suit satellite work. This antenna is placed in the center of the roof.


The COMPACTENNA is elliptically polarized and a very good satellite antenna. It must be placed on the corner of the vehicle. It is their 2 meter/440 model.  On this site, there are explanations and videos that explain this antenna.


I use a AB switch to switch between the two antennas, depending on which one is performing the best at the moment. The COMPACTENNA is also very good at working directly overhead. Being omni-directional, there is no “doughnut hole”.



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Can you provide some details about your antennas? I have some success with the vertically polarized mobile whip and the 710GA. What other antenna do you use on your vehicle?

Greg N4KGL

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Paul, I manually Doppler tune the TM-D710GA. I work portable with this radio, from my van, with two differently polarized antennas that I place on the van roof, and an A-B switch to switch between the two. I do love the radio.


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