Re: IC-9700 and the SATS

Brad Smith

When I spoke with Dr. Nilsson, who is the inventor of the antenna, I questioned him about if any of his antennas could be used for satellite use. I am always looking for satellite antennas. He assured me that it would work better than any vertical and I became the test subject. I bought the antenna from HRO, with the thought of returning it the next week. But it does work better than a vertical. I have used a 1/4 wave and got into SO-50, with an HT. I have several 1/2 and 5/8 wave antennas. I have tried many, including an eggbeater. Dr. Nilsson explained the elliptical polarization, and although I was skeptical, the fact that HRO is in Milwaukee and I can return it easily made me decide to try this tiny can antenna. Dr. Nilesson said that it has to be on the corner of the vehicle, not in the center.

I am very impressed by the antenna. The Comet that I use also has special properties that make it very suited for satellite use. But it is vertically polarized. I use both antennas because I do find that if I notice fading on one antenna, switching sometimes removes the fading. Also, with the doughnut hole above the vertical, the cantenna is better suited for high elevations because there is no doughnut hole.

Here is the web site for Compactenna. There is a lot of info there, including videos by Dr. Nilesson that are informing. The proof is when you get out into the field and make a contact and I am doing that every day. If anyone finds a better and more simple setup, pleas tell us about it on this message board. So far, this is the best that I have found. I do use my Kenwood 710 for a radio.

This setup works well for AO-91 and 92. I have had limited success with SO-50, even with a preamp. But I am experimenting with SO-50. Right now, nothing beats my Arrow and HT for SO-50. Brad KC9UQR

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