Re: IC-9700 and the SATS

Siegfried Jackstien

how the hell can a STRAIGHT stacked vertical ... be elliptical poarized??

or is it interaction of the "corner of the roof" producing it??

in my view that stacked verical is nothing special but a vertical stacked antenna ... should produce a vertical polarized signal towards horizon (to reach far away repeaters) ... and only a low signal towards the sky

shoud not a quarterwave whip work better for sats??

or what about a 3/4 wave (with some high angle radiation) ??? should that not work better for sats??

greetz sigi dg9bfc

ps any links to the compac antenna?? did not find it

Am 19.12.2019 um 15:44 schrieb Brad Smith via Groups.Io:

Hi Jerry. I set a Comet CA-2x4SR NMO in the center of the roof and a COMPAC 136-174MHz/400-480Mhz at the rear corner of the roof. Being elliptically polarized, this antenna has to be on a corner to work properly. I have tried many antenna combinations, including eggbeater types and I like this combination the best. Between the properties of each, I get a good signal. Perfect? No, but simple to rove and power to get into the crowded birds.  KC9UQR

In a message dated 12/19/2019 9:25:43 AM Central Standard Time, jplanner@... writes:

Did you build the antennas on your van or purchased?
If so, what manufacturer?


On Thursday, December 19, 2019, 10:18:00 AM EST, Brad Smith via Groups.Io <corlissbs@...> wrote:

Paul, I manually Doppler tune the TM-D710GA. I work portable with this radio, from my van, with two differently polarized antennas that I place on the van roof, and an A-B switch to switch between the two. I do love the radio.

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