Clint Bradford

For getting started working the "easy" FM voice satellites on 2 meters and 440, 
there are several DIY antenna projects on our ANTENNAS page ...

Included are links to  ...

Arrow Antennas 

--K6LCS’ Arrow Antenna Mods

Elk’s Log Periodics

Alex Diaz’ Homebrew Yagis

Umbrella Antenna Ideas

WB2HOL’s  2M Tape Measure Beam

  (used mine to work the ISS!)

--Mods to Joe’s Tape Measure Beam

--Tape Measure Beam KITS!

W6NBC’s 2M/70CM Tape Measure Beam Project - .pdf  - from January, 2012 QST magazine

Doug KD5PDN wrote a great article on working the ISS with just an HT and tape measure beam! It’s in the Feb. 2012 issue of QST magazine - or click here for a copy!

Doug KD5PDN does it again! Read how he worked the ISS with an antenna made out of barbed wire! Download the 10/2013 QST magazine article by clicking here (3.1mb .pdf) ... then watch the video:

Ed Fong’s CLASSIC j-pole construction articles (NOT high-gain antennas by any means ... but EVERY ham working 2 meters and 70cm should enjoy building and using a j-pole!):  DBJ1   DBJ2

Jerry W8RQM recommends W7MEM's antenna site - where you can enter a frequency (NOT just for satellites!) and get specific antenna plans/drawings. 


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