WIMO xpol antennas for satellite use

Rusty O'Shaughnessy

I recently purchased the 2 meter and 70 cm X-Quad antennas from WIMO.
They can run horizontal or vertical, or circular with a phasing cable.
With switching, I can select any one of the three polarities from my shack.
Circular will be used for the satellites.

I am having some issues with very poor SWR on the 70 cm version.
I haven't started testing the 2 meter version.
The specs don't list the resonant frequency nor the bandwidth.
I asked WIMO about this and they didn't have any information on those specifications.

I'm hoping to be able to use the UHF from 430 MHz to 440 MHz.

Does anyone have any experience tuning these antennas?
With what results?

Rusty O, K7RMO

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