Partial Success!

Marty Bluhm <w8aks55@...>

Good Morning.
Yesterday I finished doing the K0PIR camera mount mod. Need a lock washer.
But was able just now to hear some signals off the just completed AO91 pass over WV.
I couldn’t make out any calls but at least I know it works <grin>
The setup is as follows
Elk duoband mounted on a camera tripod sitting in front of my recliner in the living room.
Receiving on a RSP2 using console 3.0— ver.
I have the GT3-TP sitting here but it’s going to be a while until I get the receiving bit down pat.

Any suggestions, hints and yes criticism is welcome.
I have to do some double checking making sure I have everything right.

Having the spectrum scope on the rsp2 is so helpful. Watching the signals pop out of the noise is cool!

Thanks for letting me share my excitement with y’all.

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