Re: GT-3TP Satellite Usage

Marty Bluhm <w8aks55@...>

First off, thank you for the responses. They were greatly appreciated.
Following the book of baby steps, this is what I have configured.
Transmit Side: GT-3TP ( not configured)
Receive: RSP2
Antenna: Elk log periodic
Computer: Dell i5 currently running Win7
Software: have Sdr-console v3 and gpredict both up and running for evaluation. Also Sdr-uno and hdsdr are on board.

The Elk is mounted ln a pvc section approx 5ft. tied to pole for present. As it sits, coverage is from ssw to nne in the clear. It is blocked to the east by the house.

Present plans are first try to hear something, no joy so far. Then proceed to programming the radio.
I have a diamond duplexer that I can use when I figure out how to connect it.
Likewise, I have 2 mfj 1708 t/r switches, one the SDR version and one generic version. Another research project so I don’t blow up the rsp2 which is a fun and very good radio.

So that is where I’m at. No timeframe, just enjoying. It will be nice when I start hearing things.

Thanks again , any comments/suggestions and that includes criticism. After 64 years of hamming and 79 years of life, the skin is pretty thick although it doesn’t look it. hi hi

73 and y’all have a good one, hear.
Beckley (Almost Heaven) WV

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