Re: GT-3TP Satellite Usage

Randal Rutkowski

I use both the baofeng and yaseu with a duplexer since I don’t have a true Full Duplex HT.  It all works fro me with a coat hanger dipole built from a project page on ARRL magazine.  I am probably in the same boat as you are.  I have zero luck with PC programming the Chinese but my patients wears thin.  I do programming manually.

On Oct 14, 2019, at 10:12 AM, Siegfried Jackstien <siegfried.jackstien@...> wrote:

the low end chinese ht are not superb ... but they are usable

signal is not superclean so i would not use it with a kilowatt amp on a 4x19 el array on a contest ... but on a small yagi ... towards a leo ... you will not hurt anybody ... means ... not good but usable

same on receive side ... these ht can not work in a rf noisy areas or with big big antennas cause their frontend is as wide as an open barn door... but it is ok for using it on smaller antennas on your local repeater (or on a small yagi towards a leo that also acts like a local repeater for a few minutes) ... so also on receive ... not good ... but usable

so i would sum it up with ... use it ... have fun with it ... and you can buy a better (fullduplex?) ht later

see if you can get your hands on a used ft470 or similar ... but that can be done later if you really think to buy a new (used) dualband ht

if you then after a few dozen passes think to get that better ht (or find a good one on next hamfest) ... you can sell the chinese ht WITH the programming cable ... so nothing is lost

greetz sigi dg9bfc

Am 14.10.2019 um 13:06 schrieb Marty Bluhm:
Good Morning, first timer so please bear with me.
Would like to check out the sats.
I have an Elk antenna for use
A friend gave me a GT3-TP handheld to use. It is in a virgin state with nothing programmed into it.
Reading in the archives plus other sources,
I’ve came up with a shopping list.
It includes a programming cable, a coaxial adapter from 259 to sma and an external Mike/speaker.

Now the kicker, while researching this, I found a comment to the effect “extensive research has found the lower end Chinese radios to be complete rubbish”
Before I purchase the above items, is this a true statement?
Apart from spending the money, the frustration of buying and not being able to use it would be the pits.
Has anyone used this ht on the sats?
Is it is worthwhile or am I spinning my wheels leading to a frustrating and eventual disappointment.
Thanks and 73

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