GT-3TP Satellite Usage

Marty Bluhm <w8aks55@...>

Good Morning, first timer so please bear with me.
Would like to check out the sats.
I have an Elk antenna for use
A friend gave me a GT3-TP handheld to use. It is in a virgin state with nothing programmed into it.
Reading in the archives plus other sources,
I’ve came up with a shopping list.
It includes a programming cable, a coaxial adapter from 259 to sma and an external Mike/speaker.

Now the kicker, while researching this, I found a comment to the effect “extensive research has found the lower end Chinese radios to be complete rubbish”
Before I purchase the above items, is this a true statement?
Apart from spending the money, the frustration of buying and not being able to use it would be the pits.
Has anyone used this ht on the sats?
Is it is worthwhile or am I spinning my wheels leading to a frustrating and eventual disappointment.
Thanks and 73

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