Re: ISS SSTV Project - Computer Breach

Clint Bradford

Daron - Tell me where my logic and thinking are flawed -

1. MMSSTV is a computer program.
2. It is running on the ISS on one of their computers.
3. Someone who is not authorized to access that computer accesses it.

THAT is the classic definition of "hacking." Doesn't need to be destructive. The mere 
intrusion into a computer owned by someone else is a crime - in many jurisdictions 
(including Canadian law).

4. That person interferes with the public SSTV session. And broadcasts his own images.

THAT is where - in many jurisdictions - the crime is treated more severely than mere access. In many 
states in the U.S., for example, that's is the difference between prosecuting for a misdemeanor 
versus a felony.

The ISS' SSTV program has been interrupted due to this breach. There is no defense. Makes no 
difference if he has a callsign and is operating on legal frequencies. This is not a "ham experiment." 
This is an intentional, criminal breach by a hacker.



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