Re: Next ISS SSTV Event

Clint Bradford

Just successfully received Images 10 and 11 of the ISS’ SSTV project this afternoon.

1. Uploaded them to …

2. Then I went to the Polish site to apply for their “diploma” award …

3. Then I applied for a QSL card from the ISS. For the US, send your reception report
(date, time in UTC, frequency, and mode (voice, packet, or SSTV) to the address
that follows. Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope (no cash nor IRC coupons)
to ...

Bruce Hunter, W6WW
13436 Lakota Road
Apple Valley CA 92308

For other countries, please go to for info!

And if I had received 15 or more images, I could have applied for AMSAT-
Argentina's award at ...

What fun!!!


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