Field Day 2019

Clint Bradford

AMSAT Operations Updates AO-85 Status / AO-92 Field Day Plans

AO-85's FM repeater is still active during the current period of
full illumination. Both downlink and uplink frequencies are off freq-
uency low and DUV telemetry is not active. Continued operations are
not guaranteed after the full illumination period ends on June 19.
Work it while you can!

AO-92 will be available in both U/v and L/v for Field Day this year.
The current plan is to command AO-92 to L/v on the 0416Z pass on June
22, the evening before Field Day. The 24 hour timer will then run to
expiration, and the satellite will revert to Mode U/v for the
remainder of Field Day weekend. The planned timing should provide for
at least one accessible pass for the continental US in L/v before
returning to U/v. If commanding to L/v on the 0416Z pass is not
successful, we will reattempt Field Day morning. Please keep the
uplink clear during commanding.

Additionally, requests were made to the LilacSat-2, IO-86 and PO-101
command stations for special scheduling of these FM repeaters for
Field Day. Please watch for these teams? schedule announcements on
Twitter and amsat-bb prior to Field Day weekend. Note that IO-86
is only accessible to those stations below about 30 degrees of
latitude, but is a very strong repeater and easily worked to the
local horizon.

The FM repeaters on AO-91 and SO-50 are also expected to be available
as normal during Field Day.

- from AMSAT Vice President-Operations Drew Glasbrenner, KO4MA

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