Re: Latest ARISS SSTV Project - no or very little signal

Mark Huffstutter

That is very interesting, Floyd. I am in the Central United States,
New Mexico, and I
Experienced the exact same problem You did.
At the 01:31 UTC pass here, an almost perfect
Overhead pass, I had almost S9, full quieting
Receive, but the SSTV audio was very faint, would not trigger My Robosat36
app. I have another pass here in a couple hours.

Looking at the ARISS blog page others are
Getting good copy, confusing Me!

Mark. KB7WAL

Just had a very good pass from the ISS.  Unfortunately, the SSTV signal
was nil to none although the RF was, at my location, full quieting,
albeit, also intermittent.  This was a pass almost directly overhead from
Germany (JN58).

Anyone else in Europe see this?


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