Re: FO-29 Question

Brad Smith

Hi Charles:

So far I have not been successful with FO-29. I use an 847, which is made for satellites. One You start at mid band on both bands and you send code to the satellite and tune the 70cm band until you can hear your code. You can call CQ satellite right there. If you move to another portion of the bands, one band goes up and the other goes down. The 847 has a coupling feature that if engaged, will tune each band opposite the other, Then you have to either send code again or whistle into the mic to find the sweet spot. But I am 0 for 2, so far. Snowing today, so I didn't go out to try another pass.


In a message dated 4/10/2019 11:24:03 AM Central Standard Time, charles@... writes:

I'm replying to your response since I don't want to hijack this thread. Let me know if I should post this as a separate topic. I just heard FO-29 for the first time a few days ago. Copied two call signs, but not quite sure how to transmit on the linear satellites. Just recently acquired a Kenwood TS-490A. It seems as though the Inverting satellites are matched low to high on the input/output. So If I hear someone at the upper end of the band-pass on the downlink and I want to call him, should I be transmitting at the lower end of the band-pass on the uplink?

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