Kenwood TH-D72 Questions

Brad Smith


I am confused about using full duplex on my new TH-D72 and would appreciate help from anyone using this radio. I use RT Systems Programming to program.

Clint stated the following:

Use VFO B for TX
VFO A for RX
Balanced audio all the way to VFO A
Open squelch for VFO A
5W transmit

Do I also have to turn on the Mask for band A?

With this set-up, I should be able to work AO-91 and 92.  If I want to work SO-50, do I have to reverse all of this? I know that I can switch the bands, B to A and A to B, but then the squelch and balanced audio would seem to be wrong. But it seems like I have to switch them or I am not in full duplex.  Perhaps it is not really practical to work SO-50 with this radio, if I also work AO-92. Or just work SO-50 in half duplex, leaving the bands as they are and just just shifting up to A.

If anyone has any ideas, it would be greatly appreciated.

Brad Smith

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