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QST did a review of the FT65. Take it from there. Some have said (can’t site the source), that the FT65 is the Baofeng version of the venerable FT60. For me, radios with flashlights are to be avoided. YMMV.
Bill AF7ZA

On Oct 1, 2018, at 10:37 31AM, Clint Bradford via Groups.Io <clintbradford@...> wrote:

Just talked to a fellow ham who was considering the Yaesu FT-65 HT.

I mean, a radio labelled "65" must be better than a "60," right?

Not necessarily.

The FT-60R has 1,000 memories. The '65 - about 800 less.

The FT-65R receives - essentially - 108-to-a-gig. The '65 receives
136-174 and 400-480.

The included battery pack with the FT-60R - properly charged - will
provide about 1,000 discharge-charge cycles. The pack with the '65?
About 300.

In reading the two manuals for the FT-65, they describe unusual splits
within the same band - but not the capability to program 2M / 440 split
in a memory for working the voice FM satellites.

The FT-60R has the optional FBA-25 AA alkaline case. Populate it with 
AA alkalines or AA NiMH cells, and you have full TX power available. No 
such accessory s available from Yaesu for the FT-65.

BUT - The FT-65 had an LED flashlight! It will blink our "S O S" for you,
too! And the '65 receives the commercial FM broadcast band ...

The FT-65 is about $120. The FR-60R $136-155.

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