Re: programming the ft-60r


Hi Clint,
Thank you for answering.
I know all to well about automotive delays, no problem.
You did answer my question though.
I tried again and i got it!
Funny, i thought that working the satellites involved ssb
rather than fm.

Thanks Clint.

K6LCS writes:

Sorry for the delay in replying ... a simple, should-have-been two-hour brake job on my wife's car turned into an 8+ hour comedy of errors ... OK - When I key my FT-60R's mic on my split freq channels in Freq Display mode, the display DOES change from showing the downlink 440 freq to the 2M uplink freq. I believe this would be the same behavior on the European FT-60E. Do you have a second HT or scanner that you can set up to receive - and check to see if your radio is behaving correctly? Clint

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