Re: Thank You, Victor Valley ARC!

Clint Bradford

I told you VVARC was a classy club ... from email this morning - 

Hi Clint,
Congratulations on your 100th presentation! What a great achievement.
It would be interesting to speculate how many people have been drawn
to working satellites after attending one of your excellent presentations
or viewing your great website. 
You probably don't remember me but I originally found your website
back in 2014 and then my wife and I attended one of your presentations 
over at the Norco club. After working satellites for a few months life got
in the way and I had to put it on the back burner. At that time we didn't
have that many satellites. 
I recently checked out your website and fell under your influence for the
second time! Within days I felt compelled to purchase a new TH-D72,
Arrow antenna and a Diamond whip. Last week I managed a few contacts
through AO-91 and 92. After reading your post about the ISS linkup with
the school in Santa Ana, my wife and I listened to the booming downlink -
very cool. 
Thanks again for all you have done to promote amateur radio and for your

... and ...

Hello Clint,
I just wanted to say thanks for last night’s presentation. I work Satellites
occasionally, but your enthusiasm makes one want to do more. 


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