Those Who Love to Criticize

Clint Bradford

A friend just sent me this tidbit last night -

Why do some people like to criticize?

It's because criticism is an easy form of ego defense. 
We don't criticize because we disagree with a behavior 
or an attitude. We criticize because we somehow feel 
devalued by the behavior or attitude. Critical people 
tend to be easily insulted and especially in need of ego 

Paraphrasing Oscar Wilde, “Criticism is the only reliable form 
of autobiography" because it tells you more about the psychology 
of the critic than the people criticized. Astute professionals 
can formulate a viable diagnostic hypothesis just from hearing 
someone's criticisms.

And from a TED Talk I saw a while back -

Criticism is destructive when it is:

1) About personality or character, rather than behavior
2) Filled with blame
3) Not focused on improvement
4) Based on only one “right way” to do things
5) Belittling (To belittle, you have to be little—Gibran). 

- Steven Stosny, Ph.D., 2014

And so it goes ...

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