Re: HamJam 2018 Finale - Photos Captioned

Clint Bradford

Final from Ham Jam ... 

"I think I've managed to find and see all your postings from Saturday, and can't thank you enough for joining us and helping everyone else have a really good time. We sure appreciate your professionalism and ability to show  everyone how to have fun with ham radio.

"The gorgeous photos for the prize drawings were great, and the fellow who won the last one was eager to give it to a granddaughter of whom he seemed particularly proud.(1)

"We did manage to redeem two of your discount coupons, so that paid off.  One was Josh, whose YouTube video (Ham Radio Outlet Ham Jam 2018) highlighted you as well. More satellite power!

"Anyway, thanks again so very much for participating this year ... In the meantime, keep on keepin' on Satellite Man ... "

True class act, indeed.


(1) We are trying to remember who won that final raffle prize of the day - so I can get an additional copy to the grandfather for his own. Felt great "working" with three generations of families!


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