Getting Older - Tip #435 - HTs and APO

Clint Bradford

I used to HATE "auto power-off" on HTs. "I don't want the radio to 
shut down unless *I* tell it to!" - So said Clint in his younger days ...

Today, I went to my Motorola case that I use to carry presentation 
stuff with me, and there were two of my four HTs - with drained 
battery packs, 'cause SOMEONE forgot to turn them OFF before 
packing them away after a presentation last week (grin).

SO ... Think about using APO. On Yaesu HTs, the rig will emit a chirping 
noise to give you a few seconds' warning before shutting down after so 
much time of inactivity. 

For FT-60R rigs, it is Menu Item 1. You can set it from .5 hour to 12 hours, 
I believe. I will be setting mine to two or three hours ... (grin)

On the Kenwood TH-D72a, you can set Menu 1-1-1 to 15/30/60 minutes.

And I have no idea how Icom treats this feature ... Anyone with a '51 or other 
Icom rig out there to tell us how Icom treats / sets up APO?


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