Re: Tang in a Liquid Concentrate???


No doubt it sucks, as did every other liquid they consumed. Can’t Pour liquid in Micro Gravity, you have to suck it out with a straw.
Bill AF7ZA

On Jul 15, 2018, at 12:52 18PM, Clint Bradford via Groups.Io <clintbradford@...> wrote:

From TMZ: Houston we have a Tang problem ... 

Buzz Aldrin
 says his anti-Tang comment ("Tang sucks") was blown WAY
out of proportion and he has no problem with the spaceman juice. 

TMZ ran into Buzz at LAX and just had to know what was up with his
Tang sucks" declaration while presenting during Spike TV's Guys
Choice Awards

The 2nd man on the moon gets was a little annoyed about the whole
thing and said his comment was just a joke ... not meant to be taken

Buzz also explained how he allegedly enjoyed Tang up in space ... 


I can understand his reluctance to state something like, "It's the best drink ever!" 
Apparently subsequent drinks and astronauts profited from product endorsements - 
much more so than Aldrin ever did as he promoted Tang to the planet. Er, planets.

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