Re: Am I Really This Old?

Randy Schulze

I can remember Bill Gates was a guest on a late night talk show, where he said he could not foresee any computer ever needing more than 8Gb of RAM.  I think that was around 1996 or 97.

I can remember that same era when I purchased a 2 Gb hard drive for about $200, and I was happy to get it!  The standard processor at the time was an Intel Pentium, (P-60,) also known as the "Whoops Inside" as it had issues with the internal math co-processor.

Honestly, that's back when IT was fun!  Everything was new, cutting edge, and rapidly advancing.  I really miss those days and the team I worked with.  Today, IT is just a job....

Randy Schulze
Kansas City, Missouri

On 7/9/2018 7:34 AM, Rob McClure wrote:

I know how you feel.  I was thinking about purchasing memory for a non-ham computer at the house.  16 GB for around $100 thanks to all the bitcoin mining morons out there.
Way back in the when, I remember paying that much or more for 16 MEGS of memory and thought, "Wow I'll never use all of this..."

Yep, we're old!

73, Rob, KC5RET

On Sun, Jul 8, 2018 at 11:06 PM Clint Bradford via Groups.Io <> wrote:
16GB USB sticks were introduced by SanDisk in the 4th quarter of 2006.

I gladly paid $199.95 for one. They were NEW, they were exciting, they were 
recognized by my then-new 17' MacBook Pro. Many other devices could 
NOT recognize such devices.

But that was 4Q 2006. TODAY, faster-speed 16GB USB sticks are available 
for less that ten bucks each. AND they have much faster read/write speeds ...

It's a wonderful time to be alive ... (grin)



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